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Sizing Guide
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***not actual size 

 About EGB Lure Sizes
Spoons also known as Blinkers

Size 0 Spoon:

Fishing tackle for trout, perch, bass, crappie, bluegill, white bass, and smallmouth.

Ultra Light Fishing Tackle


The Size 0 is the smallest of the EGB fishing lures. It is an excellent choice when the smallest fishing tackle is needed, such as in streams, mountain brooks, beaver ponds and park lakes.


The Size 0 is excellent for ultra light fishing with 2 or 4 pound test and can be used with a fly rod. It's an excellent lure for crappie, bluegill, perch, white bass, smallmouth, and trout.


The Size 0 weighs 1/10th of an ounce (2.83 grams).


Size 1 Spoon:

Fishing lure for trout, crappie, bass and pickerel.

Early Season Trout Lure


The Size 1 is an early season lure when the bait fish are small. It works particularly well for crappie, smallmouth, white bass, pickerel and is deadly for all trout species.


The Size 1 is also an excellent lure when trolled at middle depths for Kokanee (landlocked) salmon.


The Size 1 can be fished effectively with four pound or six pound lines.


Size 2 Spoon:

Freshwater lure for trout, bass, salmon and walleye.

Freshwater Casting Spoon


The Size 2 is probably the finest ź ounce freshwater fishing spoon in the world. This lure is a consistent top producer. It casts like a bullet with six pound line and is well suite to river and bank casting.


The Size 2 trolls great either flat lined or with lead core or downriggers.


The Size 2 will catch large trout 14" and up. It is also very effective for smallmouth bass, Kokanee salmon, pike and walleye.


The Size 2 weighs 1/4 of an ounce (~7 grams).


Size 3 Spoon:

Freshwater fishing lures for pike, wiper, bass, walleye, trout, and salmon.

All Purpose Fishing Lures


Size 3 fishing lures work well for pike, wiper, small and largemouth bass, walleye, trout, silver and Kokanee salmon and steelhead.


The Size 3 should be fished with 6 pound or eight pound line (heavier line may be used in bass country). The Size 3 fishing lures can be used effectively with lead core without pop gear. If your waters necessitate pop gear, try running it in the vicinity of your lure on a downrigger by itself on an extra rod. The pull of pop gear on your rod is a "drag".


The Size 3 in the plain silver Pattern 202 is a favorite of naturalist Glenn Lau. Glen fished the Size 3 is Wisconsin and it was so effective for catching larger fish, he kept losing the fish because the split ring was getting ripped off the lure. This prompted us to replace the spilt ring with a heavier duty stainless steel version to hold the lunkers that will hit this spoon.


The Size 3 fishing lures weigh 3/8 of an ounce (~10 grams).


Size 4 Spoon:

Freshwater fishing spoons for lake trout and pike.

Pike and Lake Trout Lure


One of our favorites, the Size 4 is an excellent all around freshwater fishing spoon. It is a favorite for pike in New Hampshire (Pattern 202) to Montana (Pattern 320). It is also a top lake trout (Mackinaw) lure and is deadly when fished by itself 6 to 9 feet behind an aluminum foil wrapped downrigger ball.


We recommend using ultra thin 8 pound line or heavier with this lure. It will cast a very long way and is an awesome troller.


The Size 4 is outstanding for trout, steelhead, striper, largemouth, pike, muskie and salmon.


The Size 4 Blinker weighs 1/2 ounce (~15 grams).  


Size 5 Spoon:

Fishing lures for pike, muskie, striped bass and salmon.

Muskie, Bass and Salmon Lure

The Size 5 works particularly well when horizontally jigged upon retrieval. It darts and jumps with a realistic wounded bait fish action. The technique is to turn the reel a few times then jerk the rod tip once, twice or three times then repeat.


The Size 5 is a great pike lure. It should be fished with heavier lines when cast. We recommend a wire leader when pike fishing.


Size 5 works well for other larger game fishes such as muskie, striped bass and salmon.


The Size 5 weighs 5/8 of an ounce (~18 grams).


Size 6 Spoon:

Our favorite selection for walleye fishing.

Deep Digging Spoon


A longer, thinner spoon, the Size 6 is used when a little larger offering is desired when fishing for those local species.


We use the Size 6 for fall trout. It also is a great walleye spoon and does a good job on pike and salmon too.


The Size 6 Blinker weighs 1/2 ounce (~15 grams).


Size 7 Spoon:

Heavy-duty spoon for King salmon and other large freshwater gamefish.

King Salmon Special


The Size 7 was designed by Paul Gubler, the son of Ernst Gubler who founded the EGB Fishing Tackle Company in Switzerland. Paul has been traveling to Alaska in search of King salmon for many years. The Size 7 was designed for this species.


Although extremely effective for King salmon, Size 7 is also excellent for steelhead, pike, striper and walleye.


The Size 7 weighs an amazing 3/4 ounce (~22 grams).


Size T1:

Freshwater fishing spinner for trout, crappie, bass and perch.

Trout Fishing Spinner


Our smallest spinner, the T1 works great for a variety of gamefish (shown in pattern 209).


The pattern 209 in this size may be one of the best kept secrets in the world when it comes to effective trout lures; it works great! The T1 cast a mile and works best on 4, 6 or ultra thin 8 pound test line. The T1 works best for trout, crappie, smallmouth bass and perch.


Size T2:

Spinners for walleye, trout, smallmouth, pike and salmon.

All Purpose Freshwater Spinner


The T2 is a slightly larger offering than the T1. It works great for walleye, trout, smallmouth, pike and salmon. When trolling spinners, care must be taken to avoid line twist. The double ball bearing swivel method will solve this problem for you (Tie a ball bearing barrel swivel to your line. Add a ten inch leader, then tie on a ball bearing snap swivel and attach this to your spinner).


Size T3:

Spinners for larger trout, largemouth bass, pike, salmon, muskie, walleye and steelhead.

Large Blade Spinner


Our newest spinner, the T3 has a large blade to be used when a larger offering is desired. The T3 is an excellent choice for larger trout, largemouth bass, pike, salmon, muskie, walleye and steelhead. We recommend eight pound ultra thin as a minimum when casting the T3.


The T3 Spinner weighs 1/2 ounce (~15 grams).


Size P1:

Dual-bladed spinning lure for trout, pike, salmon, wiper, walleye and steelhead.

Tandem Blade Spinner


The P1 tandem spinner will work when nothing else does. This is a fascinating lure that will catch carnivorous trout, pike, bass, salmon, wiper, stripers, walleye and steelhead. This lure is an aggravator and will entice fish to strike that might otherwise choose not to do so. You should use 8 pound test or heavier when casting this lure.

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